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Learn how to show up as your most confident and clued in self in any room with The People Reader, Lisa Mitchell. I help Millennial women crack the code in business and in life using science-based body language tactics. Join me every Wednesday to learn how to read people better and ultimately upgrade your life.

Nov 1, 2017

In Part 2 of my discussion on the topic of turning your pain into your power, I'm interviewed by life coach Natasha Lindor of Succeed with Soul as we share more of our stories of trauma and how we've transformed those painful experiences into tools of success in our professional pursuits. I share how it has impacted my approach to parenting and how I help my daughter navigate these difficult topics.  We also discuss specific strategies you can use to help you show up in every room in a more empathetic, and impactful way. If you missed the powerful first episode of this discussion, check out Part 1 of my interview with Natasha on iTunes and Youtube.