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Learn how to show up as your most confident and clued in self in any room with The People Reader, Lisa Mitchell. I help Millennial women crack the code in business and in life using science-based body language tactics. Join me every Wednesday to learn how to read people better and ultimately upgrade your life.

Nov 29, 2017

Being a woman in any male dominated industry can be a challenge, but being a women working in the entertainment and media production industry comes with it's own set of unique circumstances. When the motto is "protect the talent," women who are victims of sexual harassment and workplace assaults can find themselves unheard and unsupported as Michelle De Long, President and CEO of Mimi Productions, found out first hand early in her career in television production. On this episode, Michelle shares her personal experience of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, how she overcame it with the help of male advocates in the industry, and how that experience has propelled her in crafting the type of company that ensures a safe and fair working environment for women and men working in her media production company now. To find out more about Michelle and Mimi productions, connect with her at